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My family consists of a 47 year old dad, 45 year old mom, 5 year old granddaughter, 13 year old son, 23 year old son, 27 year old son, 32 year old daughter, a 40 something year old son in law and a LOT more. My family is the best. We go places and play and don’t fight. We have a range of ages and a couple girlfriends. (Dont say anything!) Anyway my family is the best. We go places and have fun and worship the one and only God. Most importantly of all, we don’t fight. We are a happy family. My siblings, the 23, 27, and 32 ones are adopted from south Sudan. My Godsister, is 20 something and she has been a big part of my life. She laughs at everything, mostly when I get hurt. She makes me happy when I am sad. She makes me laugh when I am crying. She moved out and I see her about once a year. I never forget about her though. Anyway, My grandma and grampa from my mom’s side are very fun. Their house is a theme park kind of. But FREE! They have a tennis court, tree house, pool, hot tub, bikes, and a boat, a motorcycle and more that I forget about. They also give me money for college so I can have a good future. I love them a lot. I also play with cousins when I am there. My grandma from my dad’s side is also a great grandma. She used to have a house with a pool and a huge backyard/barn with a tractor that I loved driving. it was so fun. Now she lives in an RV and when I go over sometimes we stay in the RV and sometimes we stay in a hotel and it is so cool. Sometimes we even go places together which is also fun. I went to Las Vegas with them. I love them a LOT too.