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My hobbies include: Video games, Sports, (now writing blog posts) electric skateboarding, biking and, that’s basically it. I play mostly Fortnite for video games but I also play Roblox, Hogwarts Legacy, and Forza Horizon 3 and I am saving up for Forza Horizon 5. I play Volleyball, Soccer and Basketball. I write about my life in blog posts ( for Nehemiah Bymaster posts).  I electric skateboard around the park and to corner stores and to places like youth group and other places. I bike to school and back which is a total of 6 miles and I kind of like it kind of dont. I like it because I can ride with my friends and it is pretty fun but I dont like it because it is far and tiring but I cant have my parents take me because they go to work or go exercising like running or swimming at the pool. Another hobby I forgot to mention is I like to Swim. Just for fun. I don’t like to swim fast, mostly because I can’t. I am not on a swim team. Speaking of swimming, Water Polo is another fun sport but I like to only play for fun. If you don’t know what Water Polo is, it is a sport in the pool where you have a ball and it is like soccer but it is in water and with your hands. The goals are a lot smaller and it is fun but it also is tiring because it is in a deep pool where you cant touch the ground and I am pretty sure you cant touch the sides either. So water polo is fun. Volleyball is my favorite sport though because I am one of the best in my Physical Education (P.E) class at volleyball and it is the only sport I made at school.