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Today, Saturday morning I watched a LOT of loki, the show on Disney Plus. At about 11 a.m I am going to play Fornite, The shooter that gives me mild anxiety, with my friends. Then I am going my electric skateboard with my friends to Weinersnitchel and then to the MLK library to play on their xbox series X to play CupHead. I have a giant veriety of friends. I am white, but i have 0.04% of African. Anyway, my friends are mexican, black, white, asian, palastinian, and phillipino. After they leave I might also have a Colombian friend over (forgot to mention the colombian part). on Buisness days, I go to school from 8:31-3:25 and have some kind of sports, or practice in some way. Thursday is the best because I am free the whole day. After school is homework, video games, dinner, bed. The best. I bike to school most days and its 6 miles. 3 miles each way. It is a lot of work and my legs are very strong because of it. When my grandparents come they take me basicly everyday. They are the best. I have Nana and Grandpa from my mom side. They are the best they let me come to their house and play with cousins and with them. They give me a lot of oportunites to be the best me and have fun and have a good time. The other grandparents from my dad are Mose And Abooba. They are the best. We always have the best time like Nana and Grampa. We always have friends too!